The Oranges of Revolution – In Cardiff

The room was buzzing with the words of: J Brookes, Sion Tomas Owen, Mike Jenkins, Pauline Seawards, Helen Moore & Leon Lazarus, not to mention a marvellous audience. Hosted by Nick Fisk. A few moments captured from The Oranges of Revolution – In Cardiff:

J Brookes

IMG_1302 (800x600)
Sion Tomas Owen

IMG_1304 (600x800)

Mike Jenkins

IMG_1307 (800x600)

Pauline Seawards

IMG_1309 (600x800)

Helen Moore

IMG_1314 (800x600)

Leon Lazarus

IMG_1316 (600x800)

The Oranges of Revolution

IMG_1319 (713x800)

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