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The Oranges of Revolution (Smokestack Books), AVAILABLE NOW – April 2015!!


The Oranges of Revolution - Cover


There is a spectre haunting the world, and Western governments do not know how to respond. From the Arab Spring and the UK riots of 2011 to civil wars in Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, Libya and the Ukraine, our rulers pick and choose their favourites, colour- coding the good revolutions and demonising those whom they cannot control as ‘terrorists’. Clare Saponia rigorously explores these confused and violent struggles, as if dissecting a blood orange – skin, pith, flesh, pips, juice – from cause to consequence, aspiration to betrayal, defeat to renewed hopes for social justice. The Oranges of Revolution is a book about democracy and power, despotism and resistance, imperialism and revolution.

‘Clare Saponia commands exceptional poetic control over the most politically toxic topics of our time. Her polemical scope is unimpeded by fashionable inhibitions, confronting totem and taboo, while also listening intently to the silent artilleries of domestic austerity. Saponia is one of the most accomplished poet-spokespersons on behalf of the speechless oppressed.’ Alan Morrison, The Recusant

‘Urgent, energetic poetry for the emerging age; Clare Saponia’s work is adventurous, bold and unapologetically challenges the socio-political values of our times.’                Mike Jenkins, Red Poets

The Robin Hood Book – Verse Versus Austerity (Caparison)

Selected and edited by Alan Morrison & Angela Topping 

AVAILABLE now as an EBook. Printed version on its way!

Copyrighting War and other Business Sins (Olympia Publishers)

27 December 2008. Gaza. Again. Human conflict. Destruction. Mass murder.  Again. Economic motivation. Personal. Intentional. See red and pull the emergency cord that is poetry. Again.

Copyrighting War and other Business Sins was composed as a direct reaction to the Gaza offensive of December 2008. It traces a calculated mission along the Stolpersteine
(stumbling blocks) of Berlin; set against the backdrop of National Socialist Germany, the collection roams instinctively into 21st Century Palestine, the tables fully turned and yet ironically displaying the same familiar patterns of nationalistic hatred, disaster and

… As if there has not been sufficient death and torture, discrimination and suffering in the history of the planet. The poems are a product of evolving consciousness as the narrator moves from stone to stone and confronts both past and present; questions of humanity, questions of legality, questions of identity. Copyrighting War and other Business Sins is a protest against all conflict; a documentation of political and racial animosity which has been recycled, regenerated and gone unresolved through the generations, war more than
ever in need of permanent copyrighting.

Emergency Verse – Poetry in Defence of the Welfare State (Caparison)

Published by Caparison

Emergency Verse incorporates over 160 poems by 112 poets in defence of the Welfare State and against the Government’s proposals to cut it by a massive £18 Billion; this e-anthology campaign is also against the proposals to further privatise the National Health Service and to cut over 60,000 jobs from the public sector.”

Emergency Verse can be purchased from Housmans Radical Booksellers or The Recusant (follow the link above).

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